Thursday, December 18, 2014

It's almost over.

I feel like the weight of the world is off my shoulders. After, tomorrow, never again.  

Friday, December 12, 2014

Take me to church that's how to preach it!  Intelligent protest.

Set your intention

I love the new much opportunity....starting over with a clean slate...all the cliches fit perfectly here...I revel in them.....with that said .....something I'm working on....the mindset of "setting my intentions".  GO!

A wise thing

It was much to my relief when I saw that the  request for a recommendation had been removed. ....but, I must say that after much contemplation, the rec would have been a good one......(sorry that YOU assume everyone is like you) I had decided to write about the good aspects with the hope that the person would develop a little gratitude (at least) as they mature.  I wonder how people become so crass.....I see and hear things everyday that could really make me give up but I don't .....anyhoo...i had decided to look at the good and let where ever he goes learn about his true nature......with the hope that he will see he has many of the limiting characteristics he hates so much.  Prejudice being top on the list........but , this situation was a great opportunity for growth and I thank him for that.  

Monday, December 8, 2014

Non professional professional development

Me...well, I think it's only certain kids tied to their teacher.
Admin......yeah, it's called a schedule


Officer..."I was watching you in your room." Me, "oh!" Officer, " yeah, you and -------- are the only ones that have cameras in your room."   Ewwwwwww

Happy thoughts

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Saturday, December 6, 2014

The ozarks

Curve of the land
Reveal my soul
It has been in this place for a while
The finger of my soul finds comfort here tracing the lay of the land
Vista soothe me
I know this place
For all of time

The true common core....the arts!

Living....with "be the change"

Teaching makes me a better person.  It's demanding, inspiring, spirit crushing, insanely madding, frustrating, but it is definitely helping me grow as a human.  I will "chew" on something till I get it figured out.  And, it's such a glimpse into humanity. .......and an intelligent person shines that glimpse back on themselves to learn from it.  This year's lesson has been about users and entitlement.  I seen an example of the ultimate hypocrite this year. The ultimate user. The ultimate elitist. The top example in all my years of teaching....I have never seen anything like it.....I've been reflecting on this example and if I exhibit any of these qualities....I do.  My ego wars with my soul. I find this example so ugly, so unappealing, so representative of what's I feel is generally wrong that I just want ridd of it ...out of my life...away from me.  And, if I have learned anything I know it will stay in my face till I resolve the lesson it is trying to teach me.and for the FIRST time...  this is where I've changed (and love)....instead of focusing on the example, defining in my mind how I am right and it is wrong, I am shining that mirror right back on me, questioning my beliefs and ACTIONS, do I exhibit any of those qualities and how can I replace them with love based beliefs....
Though I am just an infant of this thought process and my ego is protesting, For this instant, my soul is touching me...the alignment is magnificiant.  And for a minute I am at peace and all is well.
....the true meaning of "be the change you wish to see in the world."

I've been published...again!

Stampington ha a continued to honor my work by publishing me for the third time ....thanks!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

A great student

I went to "school" this evening.  And , if nothing else, I am a great student......large painting, check.  nocturne...double check, high contrast (with a spot of red) ...oh, yeah! Brimming with a strong light source..(maybe the actual sun, moon , ray of light)....take note......I did....and I will be time.

War eagle...a new perspective

In process...

The Professional Life

So, I have been enjoying the past week and tonight I get to attend the Illinois River Watershed Partnership Salon opening.  Of three paintings, only little "Humidity" made it, but she made it all the way to the final showing.  From what I can gather I'm in great company.  Would I like to win? Yes! But I am very pleased to have my work we'll see how I feel about everything after this evening.  That being said, this life is what I want and I am ready to commit to The Professional Life.