Saturday, December 6, 2014

Living....with "be the change"

Teaching makes me a better person.  It's demanding, inspiring, spirit crushing, insanely madding, frustrating, but it is definitely helping me grow as a human.  I will "chew" on something till I get it figured out.  And, it's such a glimpse into humanity. .......and an intelligent person shines that glimpse back on themselves to learn from it.  This year's lesson has been about users and entitlement.  I seen an example of the ultimate hypocrite this year. The ultimate user. The ultimate elitist. The top example in all my years of teaching....I have never seen anything like it.....I've been reflecting on this example and if I exhibit any of these qualities....I do.  My ego wars with my soul. I find this example so ugly, so unappealing, so representative of what's I feel is generally wrong that I just want ridd of it ...out of my life...away from me.  And, if I have learned anything I know it will stay in my face till I resolve the lesson it is trying to teach me.and for the FIRST time...  this is where I've changed (and love)....instead of focusing on the example, defining in my mind how I am right and it is wrong, I am shining that mirror right back on me, questioning my beliefs and ACTIONS, do I exhibit any of those qualities and how can I replace them with love based beliefs....
Though I am just an infant of this thought process and my ego is protesting, For this instant, my soul is touching me...the alignment is magnificiant.  And for a minute I am at peace and all is well.
....the true meaning of "be the change you wish to see in the world."

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